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There are many species of animals that share a bonding with the humans.. Foremost among them, the mans most loyal friend has always been the Dog. Humans and dogs have been inseparable for thousand of years depending on each other for protection and survival. From earlier days we have relied on dogs for hunting and guarding and now more as pets for companionship, protection and their showmanship.

Dogs belong to the family Canidae which includes wolves, jackals and foxes. All modern domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) have descended from the grey wolf. There are now more than 300 different breeds of domestic dog and these are often classified into different groups according to the tasks such as hunting, guarding and herding, for which they were originally bred.


You have to give a lot of thought and take your own time especially if you are a novice, before picking a dog you are going to live with the next ten or fifteen years. A bad or hasty or careless decision can mean a lot of heartache and waste of money. There are a number of factors to be taken into consideration before deciding on your choice.

First you must have an idea of the different breeds and groups of dogs. Then you should pick one which should suit your personality and your needs( whether you need it for guarding, hunting, showing or just as a companion) and the time you can spare, the space you can provide, the money you can spend etc.

The size of a dog is a practical consideration while choosing a breed .. you must decide whether you want a giant, medium, small or a wee size dog. The size should be compatible for the space you provide. Another consideration is the dog's exercise and care requirements. An active dog needs either space to play or your time to go out for walks. Some breeds may be far more costlier to keep and care for than others. Another factor you have to think about is coat care. A beautifully coated dog may be good to look at but needs constant care which requires lot of time and patience to keep the coat from becoming messy. Characteristics of certain breeds also matters, some dogs maybe loyal to only one person while some others maybe family oriented, certain breeds may be more tolerant of children than others and so on. Certain breed has specific genetic problems that can affect their health. Get an idea about breed specific health problems.

Once you have decided on a particular breed, the next thing is to pick out a healthy one from the lot for sale. It is always better and safer to get a pet from families with dogs having a recent set of off springs so that the puppies are not exposed to the array of diseases found at pet stores, kennels, breeding farms etc. and you also get an idea about the animals parents. Another option is to get it directly from a good breeder or a small familiar pet store

No matter where you get your pet from, have it checked out with a veterinary doctor and make your purchase only on his certification of good health. As far as possible get the necessary papers from the seller like its Pedigree ( a list of the dog's forbears say parents, grand parents and great grand parents etc.) and its registered name, its AKC registration Number/ AKC registration Certificate if any etc. If not, you are entitled to know about the parents, its heritage and background as some breeds are prone to have genetic weaknesses. The seller should give information about the dogs medical history outlining the shots it has had and its food habits etc.

The best age for picking a puppy is at eight - nine weeks, after the weaning and before he/she has gotten used to their birthplace. The pup should have clear bright eyes and clean ears. Reddened or swollen eyes is not desirable. Discharge or pus from the eyes can indicate worms. Ears should smell waxy not foul. Lightly clap your hands from behind while somebody is standing in front to check hearing. The nose should be free of discharge. Sneezing, coughing, wheezing or a runny nose and eyes can indicate Canine distemper in puppies. The teeth should be white and clean and breath should smell clean. Check the skin for patches of flaking, reddening and for signs of fleas and the fur should be shiny in most breeds. While you want to avoid overly nippy pups, don't pick the one that flinches or cowers when you approach either: Puppies should be active but not aggressive. Over-all the animal should feel firm, strong and energetic.



B.I.S=Best In Show全场总冠军

R.B.I.S=Reserve Best In Show全场后备总冠军(亚军)

B.P.I.S=Best Puppy In Show全场幼犬冠军 全场太子

B.J.P.I.S=Best Junior Puppy In Show全场特幼犬冠军



B.I.G=Best In Group(Group 1st)犬组冠军

B.O.B=Best Of Breed(本犬种冠军)

B.O.S=Best Opposite Sex(最佳相对性别=本品种中与B.O.B不同性别的最佳犬只)

W.D=Winner DOG(同品种同年龄段最佳公犬)

W.B=Winner Bitch(同品种同年龄段最佳母犬)

B.O.W=Best Of Winner(W.D和W.B之中的获胜者)

Handler赛场上带狗比赛的人员 牵犬师、指导手

Groomer为比赛犬做美容的人 美容师

Judge评审员 裁判



Puppy幼犬 6~12个月的犬只

Junior Puppy特幼犬 3~6个月的犬只


枪猎犬 Sporting Dogs

指标犬 Pointer

雪达犬 Setter

可卡犬 Cocker Spaniel

英国可卡犬English Cocker Spaniel

金毛寻回犬Golden Retriever

拉布拉多猎犬Labrador Retriever



猎犬 Hounds

阿富汗猎犬Afghan Hound


巴赛特猎犬Basset Hound

比格猎犬 Beagle

寻血猎犬 Bloodhound

苏俄牧羊犬 Borzoi

腊肠犬 Dachshund

灵缇 Greyhound

挪威糜缇Norwegian Elkhound

罗得西亚背脊犬 Rhodesian Ridgeback

沙克犬 Saluki


工作犬 Working Dogs

秋田犬 Akita

阿拉斯加雪橇犬Alaskan Malamute

伯恩山犬 Berneses

拳师犬 Boxer

德国笃宾犬 Doberman Pinscher

大丹犬 Great Dane

大白熊犬 Great Pyrenees

马士提夫獒犬 Mastiff

纽芬兰犬 Newfoundland

罗威纳犬 Rottweiler

圣伯纳犬 Saint Bernard

萨摩犬 Samoyed

史柔查梗 Schnauzer

西伯利亚雪橇犬 Siberian Husky

犭更犬 Terriers

万能梗 Airedale Terrier

澳洲梗 Australian Terrier

贝林登梗 Bedlington Terrier

伯德梗 Border Terrier

牛头梗 Bull Terrier

杰克拉西尔梗 Jack Russell Terrier

迷你雪那瑞 Miniature Schnauzer

诺里奇梗 Norwich Terrier

西部高地白梗 West Highland White Terrier

玩赏犬 Toy dogs

查理士王小猎犬 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

吉娃娃 Chihuahua

中国冠毛犬犬 Chinese Crested

日本仲 Japanese Chin

马尔济斯 Maltese

迷你笃宾犬 Miniature Pinscher

蝴蝶犬 Papillon

北京犬 Pekingese

博美犬 Pomeranian

八哥犬 Pug

西施犬 Shih Tzu

约克夏梗 Yorkshire Terrier

伴侣犬 Non-sporting dogs

卷毛比雄犬 Bichon Frise

波士顿梗 Boston Terrier

斗牛犬 Bull Dog

松狮犬 Chow Chow

大麦町 Dalmatian

荷兰毛狮犬 Keeshond

拉萨犬 Lhasa Apso

贵宾犬 Poodles

西帕凯犬 Schipperke

沙皮犬 Chinese Shar-pei

柴犬 Shiba Inu

西藏梗 Tibetan Terrier

牧羊犬 Herding Dogs

澳洲牧牛犬 Australian Cattle Dog

比利时牧羊犬 Belgian Shepherd Dog

法兰德斯牧牛犬 Bouvier Des Flanders

粗毛牧羊犬 Collie 

德国牧羊犬 German Shepherd

古典英国牧羊犬 Old English Sheepdog

威尔斯柯基犬 Welsh Corgi

喜乐蒂牧羊犬 Shetland Sheepdog



I have a dog, it is lovely, it is called Mimi. Every time I go home from school, Mimi always cruising around me. I will go to the kitchen to get a piece of meat to it, it lay on the floor to eat. And then jump to my legs with barking "Wang ". So I picked up Mimi, it is the opportunity to lick my hand, making me laugh.

翻译:我有一条小狗 ,它很可爱,它叫咪咪 。每当我放学回家时,咪咪总是围着我绕圈 。我便去厨房拿一片肉给它 ,它就趴在地板上吃。然后跳到我腿上汪汪汪地叫。于是我抱起咪咪,它就乘机舔我的手,逗得我哈哈大笑 。


在人类社会通用的话语里 ,有关狗的成语 、俗语、俚语、歇后语为数不少,举不胜举。现在我整理了一些,让大家涨知识。

● 不要看现在的宠物狗娇宠高贵 ,但还是有为数众多无人照看的流浪狗过着极其悲惨的生活 。这一现象也衍生出短语“to lead a dog’s life”,形容人过著贫困潦倒 、惨不忍睹的生活。例如:Tom’s been leading a dog’s life since he got divorced. ***汤姆自离婚后一直过著混沌潦倒的日子。***

● 狗向来被认为是温顺友好的动物 。正因为如此,“dog eat dog ”才显得更加残酷。一个能让 “狗吃狗 ”的世界 ,可想而知是一个竞争多么激烈、残酷无情的世界。“dog-eat-dog world”就是形容冷酷无情的竞争世界 。

● 汉语中形容一个人努力工作 ,多数用牛、马来比喻,英文则用狗来表示。短语“work like a dog”指一个人努力 、卖命地工作。

●“dog-tired ”这个词相当形象地把筋疲力尽、累到快要趴下的神态勾勒了出来 。想象一下狗在疲劳的时候伸舌头、趴瘫在地上的可爱模样,“dog-tired”形容的情景跃然纸上 。

● 养狗的朋友都知道 ,狗一旦吃错了东西,反应是很激烈的。短语“sick as a dog”正是从这个典故发展而来,表示病得很严重。这里所指的“病 ” ,倾向于进食引起的病症,如胃痛 、呕吐等等 。

● “Every dog has its days.”这句谚语如今愈来愈为人所知,“每个人都有属于自己的运气/每个人都有时来运转的一天”。这种乐观积极的心态正是现代社会生活中最需要的。

● “You can’t/can never teach an old dog a new trick. ”可意译为“老古董学不会新东西” 。“an old dog”这里是指不愿改变想法的 、守旧的人。细心的读者朋友会发现 ,《疯狂英语口语版》2009年3月号的“生活聊吧 ”栏目中出现过一句“You can’t teach an old dude a new trick.”表达的是同样的意思。

● 前面说过,许多无人照看的狗的生存环境很恶劣 。比如“junkyard dogs”,就是生活在垃圾里的狗。他们通常神情凶狠 ,一旦发现有人接近自己的领地,便会警惕十足。假想一下,如果一个人比这种狗还凶狠残酷 ,那他的冷漠、难以接近 ,估计也已经登峰造极了 。“meaner than a junkyard dog ”就用来形容残酷、冷漠的人。

● 我们俗语常说的“刀子嘴 、豆腐心 ”在英语中也可用“His bark is worse than his bite.***他虽叫得凶,但不咬人。***”来表示 。

● 我们经常在欧美电影或电视剧上看到,宠物狗通常都在院子的一角有专属于自己的天地——狗屋***doghouse*** 。不过当“doghouse”被引入夫妻关系中 ,就没那么美妙了。假如你妻子告诉你“You’re in the doghouse! ”那你就应该好好想清楚自己究竟做错了什么事,得遭遇如此“冷遇”了。

● “let sleeping dogs lie”顾名思义,就是不要去吵醒睡着的狗 。把睡着的狗吵醒 ,后果可是相当严重,因此这个短语即可引申为 “不要自找麻烦、自讨苦吃 ”的意思。

●如果你还不知道“三伏天”英语要怎么说,那么从现在起要记牢“the dog days of summer”这个短语啦!他正是指一年中最热的时候。

●“rain cats and dogs ”作“下倾盆大雨”解 ,许多人都不陌生 。不过说起其出处,却是众口不一。其中最靠谱的一种说法,即“雷电大作的声音与猫狗打架的声音相似”。



I have a pet dog named Lucky. It has white and soft furs with two small ears and a long tail. It is given by my aunt as my birthday. It is so friendly and lovely that we all love it very much. It likes playing balls outside so I often take it our for a walk. It also likes to be clean so I wash it and make it clean twice every week. I often feed it with dog food and sausages. It likes one of my best friend. I often play with it after school.

关于狗的知识英语我有一只宠物狗名叫幸运 。它有白色和柔软的毛皮和两个小耳朵和一个长尾。它是我姑姑为我的生日。它是如此友好和可爱,我们都很喜欢它 。它喜欢在外面玩球,所以我经常把它我们的散步。它也喜欢干净,所以我洗它,让它干净每周两次。我经常喂它狗粮和香肠 。它喜欢我最好的朋友之一 。放学后我经常和它玩。


名词 小狗 ,狗,汪汪

1. 儿语 小狗, 狗, 汪汪:ridicule 嘲笑, 奚落 嘲笑, 奚落 | doggie 儿语 小狗, 狗, 汪汪 | polyphalangism 多指[趾]骨畸形

2. 汪汪:doggerypariah 贱民 | doggie 汪汪 | dogginess 象狗

3. 火棒, 天火, 钢锁(边度都得):seaman: 星星叫, 钢锁(地铁沿线) | doggie:火棒, 天火, 钢锁(边度都得) | HotRod: 火棒, 天火 (地铁沿线)

dog 英 [dɒg] 美 [dɔ:g]



1. He sees Dancer doggie and comes to help him.


2. To the foster doggie on happy net, the Miumiu that whether can you resemble be being raised in the home so go up heart?


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爱情被性感 。

4. I like to take bath with my doggie using all natural body soap.


5. For revenge on behalf of his doggie, he took the land as his country and named Melaka.

为了帮他的狗狗报仇 ,他把马六甲占领了下来。

6. How much is that doggie in the window?


7. Hurricane Katrina had me singing; how much is that doggie in the window?


8. Small dogs can wearthe ringson their backs with a ringpillow sewn to the top of a doggie jacket or dress.

小型犬可以穿的年轮背上了环枕缝顶端的狗外套或衣服 。

9. It's doggie that does it.


10. Hope you have a better boss than the doggie's....

希望你有一个比这只狗的老板更好的老板。 。。


it seems that dog is the best animal friend of people in the world.dog is natually friendly to people.

1.A dog's nose and a maid's knees are always cold.(狗鼻子和少女膝盖总是凉的。) 2.Before you hit the dog, look at the master.(打狗看主人 。这一句是中文成语翻成英文。因为打一个人的狗关于狗的知识英语 ,你就得罪了它的主人。If you beat a dog, you insult his master.)

3.When the dog is beaten, the lion is tamed.(狮子驯关于狗的知识英语,狗挨捶 。在中文中,有一句很像的成语:“高鸟尽 ,良弓藏;狡兔死,走狗烹 。 ”也可以简单地说“兔死狗烹”,翻成英文是After the cunning hare is killed ,the hound is boiled.这里hound是猎犬,hare是野兔。hare的多数也是hare,有一种游戏叫hare and hounds ,装兔的一边撤纸一边跑,装狗的在后面追。还有一句英文是Run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.意思是跟兔子跑又跟狗迫,表示一个人骑墙滑头 ,两边讨好,两边都不得罪 。)

4.He who has a mind to beat a dog,will easily find a stick.(想打狗的 ,不愁找不到棒子。)

5.Every dog has his day.是成语 ,但说成Every dog has its day and every cat its night.更有意思(每条狗都有它得意的一天,每只猫都有它得意的一晚上)。

6.The more I see of men,the more I admire dogs.(我看到的人愈多 ,我愈欣赏狗 。)狗的特色是忠心,尤其不因为主人倒霉就做打落水狗的事。打落水狗是人干的事,不是狗干的事。这句英文的意思是人不如狗 。说这句话的是法国名女人罗兰夫人(Madame Roland)。她后来被老同志害死了。

7.He that sleeps with dogs, must rise with fleas.(跟狗躺下的就要跟跳蚤起来 。这句有点中文“近朱者赤 ,近墨者黑”的意思,劝人交朋友要小心。)(你养小狗要注意替它们捉跳蚤,并问清楚该怎么给它们洗澡。)

8.Dog won't eat dog ,but men will eat each other up like cannibals.(狗不吃狗,但人吃人,cannibal是吃人肉的野蛮人 ,但文明人也“吃人 ”,吃法不同就是了 。)

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