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Scooby Doo Cyber Chase
Pillars of fire and a walk in the park? What can go wrong? ....

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Cryptic Affection and Nobodymikoo are the result of the creative mind of one man. The creativity that is produ....

Betrayed (Ep) is what Cryptic Affection desired to be from the start. Its seven track line up explores the nat....


" Video & Music Productions = "

" Video & Music Productions = "

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    About Us
Cryptic Affection and Nobodymikoo are the result of the creative mind of one man. The creativity that is produced ranges from death metal to video production.
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"Some time back when I was twenty, I decided to do a remake of a pop song that was popular at the time called "Untouched". The original song was performed by an Australian rock/pop duo, which goes by the name of The Veronicas. I did this song using my old equipment and program but the turn out when I released it was more than I could ever expect. Despite the terrible quality of the remake, I awoke one morning to find that this song that I released"

"The earth is in peril and Nobodymikoo, can not take it anymore. Captain Planet was an American animated environmental awareness television program in the 1990's. It sought to bring people up to date with the current harm our social system is doing to our planet. The precious finite resources are being destroyed and if we don't do something about it, we will destroy ourselves.

The United States of America makes up for less than 5% of the "

"It's been about two years since the release of my album Betrayed. That album was accepted with open arms by metal fans alike. Numerous comments poured in that only supported and praised the tracks the album had to offer, I personally couldn't be happier with it's success.

To correct some comments though that suggested Cryptic Affection is a band, I am not a band. Cryptic Affection is a produced by a one-man, solo independent man who loves "


"Cryptic Affection's fan base has grown quite the sum over the past two years from the release of Betrayed. Being a solo independent death metal band with a $30.00 budget a month for promotion, having acquired over 1,800 fans is quite uplifting and rewarding to see. The comments are even better: " Awesome intro!!!! " - Kingwesleyr, "I love the music they do" - Baily and "Love it! Totally sick! 3" - Mloneelk, are just motivational to read and I tha"

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About Company
Vimudica Productions started in 2011. Due to budget costs the products that were released were of amateur and low quality. These poorly produced projects are now deemed unacceptable. The goal as of now is to bring the highest quality of music and video reviews I can offer. Vimudica is on a mission to separate itself from the rest of the review crowd by offering something of higher value to its audience. Along with bringing original, rhythm based metal music, I believe that my products from now on will stand out and begin to take a strong notice.

Vimudica Productions is my passion

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